JILL STUART Something Pure Blue Hair Brush 1pc

Jill Stuart

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Product features:
・Limited-edition Something Pure Blue brush with a mix of nylon and natural bristles. The nylon bristles gently detangle while the natural bristles put hair in order. Even dry and frizzy hair becomes sleek and beautifully manageable.
・Brushing hair with a dense fiber mix helps improve cuticles and smooth the surface. For hair that brilliantly reflects light for a beautiful luster.
・Nylon bristles pleasantly stimulate the scalp, making the brush perfect for scalp massage. The scalp is left relaxed, helping you feel refreshed.

・The back is decorated with a classic JILL STUART crystal and scalloped necklace, with the handle designed to resemble a vintage tassel. This Something Pure Blue limited-edition design features white bristles and a blue ribbon. Simply holding it in your hand invites an immersive feeling of elegance.


Note: This will be shipped from second week of May, 2024.