CHANEL Les Pinceaux de Chanel #129 OVni


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A set of 3 essential brushes in a leather case you can take everywhere with you. Includes a foundation brush, a blush brush, and an eye brush.

The BLUSH BRUSH N°110 is specifically designed for blush application. Its rounded shape is ideal for defining cheekbones and accentuating facial contours with one spontaneous sweep.

The RETRACTABLE DUAL-ENDED EYESHADOW BRUSH N°200 is the perfect tool for applying and blending cream and powder eyeshadows. It allows you to apply with confidence and achieve a foolproof professional-looking result. Soft, silky bristles pick up eyeshadow easily, blend it perfectly, and make application a sensory experience.

The 2-IN-1 FOUNDATION BRUSH FLUID AND POWDER N°101 is a must-have tool for expertly applied foundation. Its hybrid shape is specially designed to be used with both fluid and compact foundations.

The set is available for a limited time in 9 CHANEL makeup shades, colors that have become codes.